Equipment List

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Strobes and Speedlights

3 x Paul C. Buff Einstein strobe units 
2 x Nikon SB-910
2 x Nikon SB-700


1 x Paul C. Buff Cybersync transceiver
1 x Paul C. Buff Cybersync trigger transmitter
2 x Phottix Ares transmitter
3 x Phottix Ares receiver


1 x Paul C. Buff 35" foldable octabox w/ grid
Paul C. Buff 30" x 60" foldable giant softbox w/ grid
2 x Paul C. Buff 10” x 36” foldable stripboxes w/ grid
Paul C. Buff 22" beauty dish w/ bright white reflector
Paul C. Buff 64” parabolic umbrella, silver w/ white diffuser panel
2 x Photoflex umbrella Black exterior with a white polyurethane-coated interior
Westcott Rapid Box 26” octobox
2 x speedlite 24”x 24” softboxes
2 x SP Studio Systems Barn Doors
RoguePhotographic Design ROGUEXLPRO2 Flash Bender 2 XL Pro Lighting System
Rogue Photographic Design ROGUEGRID2 Flash Grid 3-in-1 Stacking System
Rogue Photographic Design ROGUERESM2 FlashBender 2 Small Reflector
LumiQuest SoftBox III
Westcott 4634 7-Feet White with Black Cover Parabolic Umbrella
ProMaster Umbrella Soft Box - Shoot Through 40"


Pro Master Airbrush Multi Purpose Airbrushing System


Cloth green screen
Grey seamless paper
White seamless paper
3 x black/grey muslin
2 x White muslin


2 x Kupo 40" Master c-stand with Turtle Base
Kupo 40" Hex grip arm with big handle
ProMaster LS-6 multifunction boom light stand
3 x RPS Studio RS-1100 light stand
Promaster LS-CT compact travel light stand

Reflectors & Misc

2 x 24" x 8' foam core V-flats (white on one side, black on reverse)
ProMaster SystemPro Reflectadisc Kit 32" 5-in-1
10 x 4' x 8' white reflective floor boards 
Blower fan for hair
Chauvet Hurricane 700 fog machine

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